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    Whether you’re an manufacturing engineer looking for the latest technology to make your assembly line faster and more efficient or a safety and health professional looking to address worker risk/injury issues, DG Industries has solutions.

    From the superior performance and  reliability  of the P2-8AX screwfeeding system to the proven value of the Bio-Brace, DG Industries has the products and ingenuity to make your job easier and your employees happier, safer and more productive.

    Put the professionals at DG Industries to work for you. We are eager to assist you in  determining if automation makes sense in your application and if our ergonomic products can assist your employees in working smarter and safer.

    Established in 1978, DG Industries has continuously provided automation and ergonomic solutions to assembly facilities worldwide for over 25 years. Experience and innovation combine to create a unique product line like none other and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Put our experience to work for you. Contact DGI or an authorized distributor for a prompt evaluation of your automatic fastening needs.