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Ergonomic Products

Bio-Brace Classic
The popular Bio-Brace Classic helps counteract cumulative trauma disorders by referring torque to the forearm. It is designed to fit inline screwdrivers and nutrunners up to 1.8″ in diameter.

The Ergo-Grip offers a comfortable foam grip combined with a proven torque and vibration dampening mechanism for inline screwdrivers. It comes in three sizes to fit most popular tool models. Ergo-Grips are available via special order only.

The Wristol-Grip allows inline push-to-start tools to be used as pistol grip tools. Ergonomic advantages include adjustability of the handle to the orientation of the workpiece. Wristol-Grips are available via special order only.

Bio-Brace 2.0
Manage Torque Reaction while preserving range of motion with the new Bio-Brace 2.0 ergonomic grip. It attaches to the 1/4″ NPT air inlet on inline pneumatic screwdrivers, nutsetters and drills.

Biometric Brace
The Biometric Brace, an adjustable model of the Bio-Brace Classic, refers torque reaction forces away from the wrist and to the forearm. Four-way adjustment insures operators can custom tune the brace to meet differing work and anatomy configurations.

Designed specifically for pistol-grip style tools, the SideArm Brace improves balance and reduces wrist strain for operators.

This unit provides full rotational and 10 degree articulation for torque arm suspended tools. The Torque-Stop also senses tool startup and triggers a brake which absorbs harmful tool torque reaction.

The unique, patented sensor of the SmartArm parallel arm system senses tool startup and “powers down” to assist in fastener placement. The system can be purchased as a complete unit or as a retrofit kit (below) for existing arms.

SmartArm Retrofit Kits
SmartArm technology is available for existing parallel arms with SmartArm Retrofit Kits. Kits are available for both pneumatic or electric tools.